Quality And Reliability For Sustainable Innovation

Quality And Reliability For Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability and respect for the environment, traceability and food safety, clean label and E numbers, these are the main issues that food companies, and others, are facing in recent years in order to meet consumers’ needs, that are more and more attentive and sensitive to these issues. And if there is someone that is changing his habits only now, there are companies that have always operated in full compliance with these requirements.

LBG Sicilia, is a company specialized in the design, production, and sale of high-quality functional ingredients and systems for the food industry, that has always based its growth and development on the concept of sustainable innovation.
LBG Sicilia, present for almost 20 years, is currently the second-largest producers of locust bean gum worldwide, sold with Seedgum® brand, and for years it has been present in the market of functional blends, produced and sold with Solmix® brand. LBG Sicilia supplies the most important food companies and it is present in over 90 countries worldwide, with an export rate of 90% of turnover. Perhaps not everyone knows that Seedgum® locust bean gum, classified by law as a food additive E-410 (Reg. 231/2012), is an absolutely natural and 100% chemical-free product.

Since the beginning, LBG Sicilia has always used an exclusively thermomechanical manufacturing process, which does not require the use of any chemical substance. The Seedgum® products have always been Natural, NON-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Halal certified and also available in the Organic version. Moving from the single ingredient to the blend, with Solmix® products, LBG Sicilia has developed a line of functional blends for different food applications. Taking advantage of his know-how and thanks to an advanced R&D laboratory equipped with various pilot plants designed to simulate industrial processes, LBG Sicilia technicians have developed blends and recipes for different applications, such as Ice Cream, Dairy, Fruit preparation, Confectionery, Sauce and Dressing. Attention to the well-being and health of consumers is constant for product development.

Different blends have been designed and created to meet the needs and trends of the food market. The company is able to offer solutions for the “free-from market”, which provides for the reduction of various ingredients, such as palm oil, gluten, lactose, allergens, within recipes and stabilizers; for the “healthy market”, which provides for the reduction of fats and carbohydrates in food; for the “clean label market” which provides for a final label without E numbers; for the “vegan market”, which provides the use of ingredients of exclusive vegetable origin.

In this perspective, some examples are the stabilizers that contain emulsions Palm Oil Free (SOLMIX IC 129 POF®) and the Clean Label (SOLMIX IC 114®) made for the ice cream industry, or the stabilizers designed for the convenience industry for the preparation of vegan mayonnaise (SOLMIX S 168®) or even the blends designed for the “Sugar-Free” beverages.

Through a tailor-made process and through constant investments in R&D, LBG Sicilia is even able to study and develop ad hoc solutions for any type of application.
Sustainability, food safety, and technological innovation have always been the strengths of LBG Sicilia. The production processes are designed to eliminate the environmental impact and the risk of pollution. The high level of automation of the production plants eliminates the possibility of human error. A sophisticated Bar Code Automated Management system allows traceability and constant monitoring of each production lot. The company is also ISO 22000, BRC certified and it has been a SEDEX member for several years.

With no doubt, we can say that Sustainability and Reliability are key concepts for LBG Sicilia and whoever knows the company agrees with this statement.

Those who still do not know it can visit the web site www.lbg.it or get to know the sales and technical team during the next Food Ingredients Europe.